Pichinku: Naturally Dyed Andean Yarn

Nestled in the heart of the Urubamba Valley, or Sacred Valley, outside of the city of Cusco (Peru), Pichinku is a grassroots project that brings together ancestral knowledge, specialized artisanal […]

Elena Izcue: When Art Déco Meets the Ancient Andes

Elena Izcue (1889 – 1970), Art Déco artist and teacher, found inspiration in the archaeological textiles and ceramics of Peru. From collaborating with Elsa Schiaparelli to being supported by the greatest museum curators of her time, Elena managed to bridge ancient Andean art with the bustling innovation of the roaring 20’s.

The cacique of Sutatausa: a story of resilience

The doctrinal church of Saint John the Baptist in Sutatausa, Colombia is now open to the public after recent restoration. Inside, you can find a syncretic mural depicting an indigenous Muisca praying. This representation of exceptional quality, beyond the archaeological testimony, tells us the story of the resilience of a people in the preservation of its traditions, resisting to time, destruction, and oppressors.

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