Pichinku: Naturally Dyed Andean Yarn

Nestled in the heart of the Urubamba Valley, or Sacred Valley, outside of the city of Cusco (Peru), Pichinku is a grassroots project that brings together ancestral knowledge, specialized artisanal […]

10 Q’s to Carol Rodríguez

Carol Rodríguez is an archaeologist and professional illustrator from Peru who communicates her interest for ancient Peruvian art through the illustrations she makes and shares on social media. Carol is currently a regular contributor for Objective Convergence for which she has branched out beyond the art of Peru to create the great illustrations that accompany the OC monthly playlists. We recently had a written interview with her during which we talked about her career trajectory, the importance of science communication, and the current situation of archaeology.

Elena Izcue: When Art Déco Meets the Ancient Andes

Elena Izcue (1889 – 1970), Art Déco artist and teacher, found inspiration in the archaeological textiles and ceramics of Peru. From collaborating with Elsa Schiaparelli to being supported by the greatest museum curators of her time, Elena managed to bridge ancient Andean art with the bustling innovation of the roaring 20’s.

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