The Ceramics of Lucy M. Lewis: Tradition and Innovation for an Ethical Collection

Lucy M. Lewis was a potter from the Acoma Pueblo (New Mexico) who took inspiration in archaeological ceramics which she adapted and reinterpreted. In doing so, she pioneered contemporary Acoma pottery. From museums throughout the United States to Obama’s Oval Office, Lucy M. Lewis’ work has been recognized and exhibited widely. Blending tradition and innovation, contemporary Acoma pottery can be seen as a substitute for the controversial display of archaeological ceramics which were looted from burials.

10 Q’s to Emily Minogiizhigookwe Nelis – Good Day Beadwork

Anishinaabe artist Emily immediately caught our attention through her delicate floral beadwork on Instagram. Her love and dedication to her art is equalled by her respect for Ojibwe traditions and her desire to pass on her knowledge to future generations. A deeply caring, dedicated, and committed woman who will be, no doubt, a successful business owner and a revered teacher.

TikTok, to the rescue

As some people used last year’s lockdown to get into yoga, reconnect with themselves or start cooking for the first time, a lot of us got sucked into social media, but not always to be a total waste of time. This is how I discovered @shinanova – Shina Novalinga – and her mother @kayuulanov, both Inuk throat singers sharing about their culture on Tiktok and Instagram. A new kind of content on the platform that made me wonder if we may have missed a step regarding preserving intangible heritage. Did social media become our last chance?

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