A Coffee With: Sinta Ridwan

We met Sinta Ridwan in a Zoom meeting, between Paris and Jakarta. Sinta Ridwan is an Indonesian philologist and archaeologist who works for the recognition of the Hindu and Buddhist […]

Why I don’t like ‘art’

Pardon the clickbait title. Of course, as most people do, I appreciate the artworld, but in my capacity as an archaeologist I tend to avoid using the term ‘art’ when discussing ancient material remains.

Egyptians and their Heritage: The Broken Bond

The glamorous Golden Mummy Parade was held in April of this year in the streets of Cairo amidst extravagant celebrations, and well-choreographed and pre-recorded dance and musical shows. The whole event was made to celebrate the move of the 22 royal mummies from the old museum in Cairo, known as the Egyptian Museum, to the newly established Cairene National Museum of Egyptian Civilizations. The news of the parade reached several media outlets around the world instigating a multitude of reactions from individuals belonging to different social and cultural groups.

10 Q’s to Carol Rodríguez

Carol Rodríguez is an archaeologist and professional illustrator from Peru who communicates her interest for ancient Peruvian art through the illustrations she makes and shares on social media. Carol is currently a regular contributor for Objective Convergence for which she has branched out beyond the art of Peru to create the great illustrations that accompany the OC monthly playlists. We recently had a written interview with her during which we talked about her career trajectory, the importance of science communication, and the current situation of archaeology.

From museum to the field: the temples of Āśāpurī, India

Āśāpurī, an early medieval site (9th-11th century) in Central India, only came to the attention of archaeologists decades after museum specialists first collected and preserved its sculptures. Despite the major role of local and state museums in the preservation of the site, looters keep plundering Āśāpurī’s most valued artworks.

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