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Convergence #1 in English.

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Convergence is a biannual magazine dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of the arts of Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania. Its objective is to generate inclusive dialogues and to bring informed perspectives on artists, objects and practices related to these continents.

In this issue, an Indonesian philologist and archaeologist, a Taiwanese sculptor, doctoral students in art history and archaeology, Peruvian weavers, and a Māori sculptor share with us their approach and points of view. They discuss the arts and traditions that animate them and contribute to their larger opinions, experience, and knowledge. 

Convergence is above all a celebration of the plurality of the arts and practices from five immense continents. While all very much distinct, we hope that these artists, cultures, and perspectives find here a platform for exchange–free and innovative, mindful and original. 


In Conversation | Hsu Yung-hsu, 2019-13
Victoria Lee & Xiaohan Du

Sharing perspectives on the work of artist Hsu Yung-hsu. 


Best Practice | Giving Back: Community Projects and Restitution in the Pacific Northwest
Louise Deglin

How Donald Ellis, a New York-based art dealer, gradually transformed his business to support Indigenous initiatives.    


Book Review | Corpus : Kukuli Velarde

The multi-sensory Corpus ceramics of Kukuli Velarde: a catalog dive beyond the exhibition. 


A coffee with | Sinta Ridwan
Johan Levillain & Agathe Torres

Sinta Ridwan, philologist and archaeologist, talks about how she creates bridges between the academic and digital worlds through history, language, fashion and filmmaking. 


Exhibition | Taking space: “Six continents or more” Palais de Tokyo, Paris
Agathe Torres

Can the museum still play a role in society in the face of current global issues? This season at the Palais de Tokyo gives us Insight into an innovative way to exhibit art, and questions. 


Focus | Sculptural Pipes and Sacred Materials in the Mississippian World
Anthony J. Meyer 

Centuries before the European invasion, Native peoples around the Mississippi built large urban and religious centers connected by the region’s many waterways. Focus on sculptural pipes, an exceptional form of figurative art developed by Mississippian artists. 


Focus | Kanak Coins
Marion Bertin

From objects of exchange to ambassadors in contemporary diplomacy, focus on Kanak “coins” of New Caledonia over the centuries. 


Portfolio | Nikorima by Isaiah Karaitiana
Louise Deglin

The art of woodcarving, in which Isaiah Karaitiana excels, has allowed the artist to reconnect with his Māori heritage. 


Perspective | This is not a Sculpture: Displaying Indian Religious Figures in the Museum
Johan Levillain

Does the Western museum gaze influence our experience of sacred Indian artworks?


Making | Pichinku: Naturally Dyed Andean Yarn
Louise Deglin

The story of a community project working to preserve ancestral practices in Peru.


Online | wä dé

Esther Hien’s gentle and unique gaze on sub-Saharan Africa and her family land in Burkina Faso. 


Convergence #2 will be published in December 2022.
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This magazine would not have been possible without the precious help of Johan Levillain and Alba Menéndez Pereda. Thank you to them for their sharp proofreading and advice throughout this process. Thanks to all the authors and contributors of this issue for offering us their time and gift for writing, and to all the protagonists, artists and art professionals, with whom we were able to converse, for sharing their creations, their feelings and their experiences. This issue would not exist without them. 

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