Rethink art

Convergence is a platform for Indigenous and diasporic arts that amplifies voices, creates space for dialogue, and showcases the richness of multiple artistic practices.

  • Agathe Torres

    Co-founder and production director

  • Louise Deglin

    Co-founder and art director

  • Johan Levillain

    French editor and copywriter

  • Alba Menéndez Pereda

    English editor and copywriter


As a team of primarily White ancestry who grew up in Europe, we acknowledge our position of privilege as well as exteriority to the topics and traditions that we want Convergence to showcase. Being raised in a culture where colonialism is presented as a distant and vague memory to forget, we strive to challenge this narrative and instead to engage in sometimes difficult or uncomfortable conversations, to amplify voices which have long been muffled, and to spread knowledge and perspectives widely. Rather than simply to make amends or share our passion, Convergence is for us a way to put our skills and privilege to use, to hopefully contribute to change, in a process of reparation and reconstruction.