Left: Lucy M. Lewis, c. 1950. Via http://taosartschool.org/ Right: Bowl, Lucy M. Lewis (1985), New Mexico Clay, slip, 19.1 x 21.6 x 21.6 cm Brooklyn Museum 2002.64.2

Les céramiques de Lucy M. Lewis: Tradition et innovation au service d’une éthique muséale

Lucy M. Lewis was a potter from the Acoma Pueblo (New Mexico) who took inspiration in archaeological ceramics which she adapted and reinterpreted. In doing so, she pioneered contemporary Acoma pottery. From museums throughout the United States to Obama’s Oval Office, Lucy M. Lewis’ work has been recognized and exhibited widely. Blending tradition and innovation, contemporary Acoma pottery can be seen as a substitute for the controversial display of archaeological ceramics which were looted from burials.
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