Musée virtuel Milele

Afrique | NUMERO 02
par Louise Deglin

Founded by Rwandan artists Meliibees and Canda, Milele is a virtual platform dedicated to digitally restituting African artworks that were taken from the continent. Milele, meaning “eternal” in Swahili, was named in honor of the enduring power of African cultural heritage. Meliibees and Canda’s vision for this virtual museum is to showcase African heritage in light of, for, and with the communities who made and used the recontextualised objects. Amidst the current waves of repatriation of African artworks within Europe and the United States, Milele questions where, and to whom, are these heritage objects being returned. [...]

Photo: Chidi Nwaubani, Looty, 2022 (@LootyNFT) © Courtesy of the artist

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