François-Auguste Biard, Bust-Length Study of a Man, 1848 Metropolitan Museum of Art (2022.22) Courtesy Metropolitan Museum of Art

"La Couleur de l'Art:" Representation, Race, and Decolonialism in the Art World

The art that is studied, exhibited, discussed, and collected in institutions features now more non-European people. Yet the question remains: who gets to perform those studies and curate those collections and exhibitions? Art history stems from a privileged White bourgeoisie. A field that is exclusive by nature and still bears the remnants of its racial and classist history today, particularly in Europe. Through her podcast La Couleur de l’Art (“The Color of Art”), French author Mélissa Andrianasolo grapples with the challenges, possibilities, and complexities of the representation of people of color in art, including their depiction and their presence as professionals in the field.

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