Why I don’t like ‘art’

Pardon the clickbait title. Of course, as most people do, I appreciate the artworld, but in my capacity as an archaeologist I tend to avoid using the term ‘art’ when discussing ancient material remains.

Teaching (Art History) During a Global Pandemic

Written back in mid-June as a review of nine months of remote teaching. As I finish grading the last exam from my students, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my experience teaching this year as a first-time TA, and through a pandemic no-less!

10 Q’s to Carol Rodríguez

Carol Rodríguez is an archaeologist and professional illustrator from Peru who communicates her interest for ancient Peruvian art through the illustrations she makes and shares on social media. Carol is currently a regular contributor for Objective Convergence for which she has branched out beyond the art of Peru to create the great illustrations that accompany the OC monthly playlists. We recently had a written interview with her during which we talked about her career trajectory, the importance of science communication, and the current situation of archaeology.

Academia is experiencing a mental health crisis

It’s common knowledge that academia is experiencing a mental health crisis at all levels. Informal support networks (peer-to-peer) as well as faculty and instructor support are a place to start working but it isn’t enough. Systemic changes are necessary.

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