Pichinku: Naturally Dyed Andean Yarn

A hand holds yarns dipping in yellow dye
Chilca dye bath © Diego Del Rio | Pichinku Fibers

Nestled in the heart of the Urubamba Valley, or Sacred Valley, outside of the city of Cusco (Peru), Pichinku is a grassroots project that brings together ancestral knowledge, specialized artisanal skills, and local biodiversity to create naturally-dyed yarns. This successful venture relies on the work of devoted specialists Santusa Mamani Huallpa, Angela Milo Huallpa and Ubaldina Laime Mamani under the leadership of Dana Blair, a determined woman from the U.S. who decided to take action to bring support and recognition to the world of Andean textile-making.

Read more in the first issue of Convergence.

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